Meet our next two Board Members at Large…Bob Giroux and Bob McIntire

Bob Giroux…Bob’s is a semi-retired Paramedic/Operations Director who now lives in Belgrade with his fiancé, Kathy and 1 year old yellow lab, Belle and works part time teaching American Heart CPR/First Aid. He loves working on and improving woods trails, to be used for walking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing
and traveling to Cambridge, Ma to visit his son and daughter, Wyatt and Annie.
He has worked with Open Book Players now since 2013 and has taken parts in many of the productions but really enjoys working on the musical scores and technical support. Bob’s hobbies are working with his tractor, yard improvement/beautification, playing guitar/banjo, and getting exercise through running, hiking or working in the woods with Kathy and Belle.

Bob McIntire…Bob McIntire is a Hallowell-based media producer presently documenting and editing local historical programs for web presentation and digital archiving. He began his dramatic career in junior high school staring in a musical adaptation of Charley’s Aunt for which he won the somewhat coveted Hammy Award. Fortunately, the role didn’t require him to sing. It was downhill after that. Following a theatrical hiatus of four decades, he returned to the stage joining Open Book Players. The time in between was taken up with a career in marketing and communications. The final twenty-two years of gainful employment were spent at the Maine Department of Education from which he retired before anyone could figure out exactly what he was doing there.